The right to revoke/cancel.

You have the right to revoke/cancel the contract, without giving any reason or explanation within 14 days of issue of the contract and beginning from the day you or a third party have received the goods in your possesion.
To excercise the revocation/cancdellation you must send us a clear and precise explanation on your decision to cancel the contract in form of a letter or e-mail:

DOMICILIO: Avda Touroperador Finnmatkat, Num. 9
SOCIAL: Puerta 21
Aptos Sunny Golf - Maspalomas
35100 San Bartolome de Tirajana

To safeguard your right to revoke/cancel the contract please make sure that you contact us by the above methods within the time mentioned above.

Effects of a revocation/cancellation

When you revoke/cancel the contract we will refund all payments forwith, made to us including standard delivery costs ( excluding extra delivery costs above the standard and cheapest delivery costs you may have personally chosen), and no later than 14 days after the revocation/cancellation was received at our address. Any refunds will be refunded by the same method you used in the original transaction, unless we expressely agreed on any other method of refund: under no circumstances will you be charged any further costs. We have the right to refuse any refund until we have received the returned goods or the proof the goods are sent, depending on whichever is the earliest. You must return by post or deliver the goods personally immediately or within 14 days from the day you give us notice that the contract is revoked/cancelled to the address
printed on the invoice, or to the address notified by our customer service. The deadline is guaranteed when the goods are sent before the expirartion of 14 days.You are responsible for the immediate cost of the return delivery, which will be refunded as expained above .
You are responsible for any depreciation in the value of the goods in the case that this depreciation, through examination by us is due to any unnecessary handling by you which may hinder or change the nature and operation of the goods.

Notes on the rights of non cancellation

A revocation/cancellation of the contract will not be honoured under the following circumstances, unless the parties concerned have not arranged otherwise:
Contracts for delivery which are not precast and the completion of the contract has not been a personal choice or clearly determined by the consumer,
cotracts for delivery of goods that are quickly spoilt or the expiration date has exceeded,

  • contracts for delivery of sealed goods for reasons of health and hygeine that are not suitable for return and the seal is damaged or removed,

  • contracts for delivery of goods which due to their nature are inseparable and mixed with other goods,

  • contracts for delivery of sound and video recordings in a sealed pack when the seal has been removed or broken, contracts for delivery of newspapers and magazines , the exception being subscription contracts.

End of non cancellation policy

Notes on returning goods

To keep our prices customer friendly please observe the following comments:
For any returns please use the return label received with goods or the form to download or the address supplied by our customer service to guarantee that the goods are sent to the correct logistics center or to the correct goods supplier.

Please insure the goods which are to be sent back so that you have proof of purchase and postage by any loss of the goods during transport.

Please avoid any damage of any kind and any soiling/ contamination of the goods.
Return the goods in the original package with any packaging components and inside packing. If the original package is not available please a use a suitable packing to avoid any damage to the goods during transport due to incorrect packing and protection.