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Use jeedoo in order to sell your items for a fixed price. Start today and offer your items to thousands of members.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Your chance to reach out to thousands of potential customers!
  • We offer safety and protection from freud for both sellers and customers.
  • Any questions regarding sales- our support team is there for you 24 hours a day.
  • You can use our seller API in order to check stock levels and to receive orders.
  • No fees are charged for putting the items on sale. Offer as many as you wish.
  • You send the goods and receive the sales revenue. Even if the customer does not pay.

What is

With us you do not sell directly to the customer at the moment the order is placed the customer purchases the goods from us. Why is this? We want to offer your customers a special shopping experience. In addition to the great offers from you we are able to offer a large range of payment possibilities ranging from invoice payment or credit card payment. We can only offer this if the goods are our property .

Your safety and the safety of your customers is our priority. Through our payment and delivery process fraud is not possible. You will receive notification about the delivery address of the customer and can send out the goods directly and without risk. Even if the customer does not pay you will receive payment from us. No more problems with unpaid goods and no need of debt collection agencies. In addition you do not have to create invoices. As soon as the customer has paid you will receive a credit note from us.

How does it work?:

Choose an item you wish to sell
Almost all the items you have put up for sale have been entered into our database at You can look for them either by entering the name in the search engine or use the seller -API or the CSV there all you need is the EAN.

Add your selling price
Click with the mouse on the item choose sold. Enter the price, the delivery terms and cost. Click on how fast you want to have the goods delivered. Save and you are finished!

Sold! Please arrange delivery...
When an item is sold, you will receive an email from us and extra confirmation that the article can be shipped. As of this moment your payment is guaranteed. In your order list you can see all revlevant details for the sale. Delivery address, which article has been ordered the latest date for shipping. This depends on what you entered when you put the goods up for sale.

Article has been sent, a credit to you will follow
Once the ordered goods in your list of sales have been marked as having been sent, we will arrange for the payment for this sale to be made. In order to be able to guarantee your payment and provide the customer with the assurance that the goods will arrive. Payment into your customer account is made 10 days later This account shows your actual balance at any given time and if you click on payment we will transfer the funds to your bank account the next day.

The Fees

In the case of a successful transaction we charge a handling fee of 0.80€ plus 20% of the retail price of the item. This handling fee is taken from the creditnote we issue you for the transaction. As we are the sellers of the goods it is us that buy the items from you.

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