Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Exclusive application; seller; goods suppliers, non-commercial providers; buyers; delivery services


Following you will find the general terms and conditions (TCs) of

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(Referred to in these Terms and Conditions as well as "jeedoo" or "Seller" or "jeedoo.com" or "us" or "we" or "our" or similar). Any complaints should be addressed directly to jeedoo via e-mail at support@jeedoo.com


These terms and conditions apply to all business relationships with our customers. Customers are buyers ("Buyer") and goods suppliers, the contractor are ("Goods Suppliers"), as well as providers of goods in the above sense (“Non-commercial providers"). We only accept goods suppliers as such on our online platform, when they have forwarded a copy of their business license or a copy of a certificate of registration. Customers are hereinafter referred to as "you" or "user" or similar.


All customers need to strictly observe the protection of minors and the legal rules which concerning this subject. Compliance with the rules of the protection of minors is imperative. jeedoo Customers who do not observe the legal rules concerning the protection of minors will consequently be deleted from our register.


Goods suppliers with a customer account may advertise goods on their account, whereby jeedoo is the seller on jeedoo.com. The contract is between the buyer and seller. The purchase price is paid to jeedoo. jeedoo then pays the supplier of the goods in accordance with the contract between jeedoo and the supplier of goods. In order to shorten delivery times, the supplier then delivers the purchased goods directly to the buyer.


Goods suppliers provide products on their respective customer account. The buyer may then choose which product he wants to purchase from which customer account. jeedoo as seller will supply the product from the suppliers customer account following the conditions stated in the sellers customer account to the buyer.


Non-commercial providers with a customer account may publish goods in their account, whereby jeedoo is the seller on jeedoo.com. The contract is between the buyer and seller. The purchase price is paid to jeedoo. jeedoo then pays the supplier of the goods in accordance with the contract between jeedoo and the supplier of goods. In order to shorten delivery times, the supplier then delivers the purchased goods directly to the buyer.


Our customers agree to these Terms and Conditions as and when they use this online platform for transactions. Likewise, you agree with our TCs when you create an account on jeedoo.com. However, individual agreements between you and us always have priority and should be addressed in writing to jeedoo.com. Other terms and conditions of our clients that are not expressly approved by us in writing, are not binding for us or the buyer. Our business clients (commercial and non commercial) may not assert their own conditions of purchase. They also do not become, by any unconditional delivery or achievement, part of our contract contents.


We would like to point out that a one hundred percent availability of our website (jeedoo.com) and all its sub-pages is not technically possible. However, we consistently strive to maintain availability of our Website and its sub pages.Maintenance, security or capacity requirements, and the like.and events that are not under our control (eg. disruptions in public communication networks, power failures etc.), may result in brief malfunctions or temporary interruptions of the services linked to this site. We will endeavor in these cases to correct the interference as soon as possible.


We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions for new business at any time without giving any reasons. We will immediately inform you of any changes in our TCs. You also have a right of withdrawal when any changes to our terms and conditions occur.


We recommend that you print out or file these Terms and Conditions. We also file the contracts after the contracts are made with us. We are available for any questions you may need to be queried.

§ 2 Registration


You must register with us to use all services of jeedoo.com. A right to register for the use of jeedoo.com platform does not exist.


The registration is done by opening a free customer account and agreeing to these TCs.


jeedoo.com is open only to legal entities and and legally competent adults. Minors may not use jeedoo.com website.


The data requested by jeedoo.com at registration must be complete and accurate, e.g. Christian name and surname, current address (no PO Box) and phone number, a valid e-mail address and optional, a company name. You are required to immediately inform jeedoo.com on any changes to your application data.


If the current data, should lead to incorrect deliveries or charges in any form, the respective Customer will bear the full cost.


When registering, select a customer name and a password. The customer name may not be an e-mail or Web address, in particular not infringing any name or trademark. The password must be kept secret. Employees of jeedoo.com will NEVER ask you for your password!


Basically, you are free to open multiple accounts on jeedoo.com The abuse of multiple accounts jeedoo.com is prohibited. An account is not transferable.

§ 3 Blocking of accounts


jeedoo.com may terminate your customer account if you violate the provisions of these TCs or against any applicable law or, jeedoo.com has a legitimate interest in blocking a user. jeedoo.com can block a particular account if the user;
-has repeatedly received negative ratings in the rating system and blocking is necessary to safeguard the interests of other market participants;
- giving incorrect data in the application;
- In connection with the use of the jeedoo.com website where rights of third parties are violated;
- abuse of jeedoo services;
- or any other causes that may apply.


When deciding whether an account is to be blocked jeedoo will consider the legitimate interests of each client.


As soon as customer account has been blocked, this customer may no longer use the jeedoo web site and can not sign in or register again without the consent of jeedoo.com. A blocked account (in particular concerning the evaluation profile ) can not be recovered or reopened, a right to be registered does not exist.


jeedoo may terminate the contract with the customer, within 14 days to the end of the month. The right to block remains unaffected.

§ 4 Contract offer confirming a contract


Prices and descriptions of goods in customer accounts on jeedoo.com do not constitute offers but are merely an invitation to make an offer. By clicking the "Buy" button on our website the Buyer makes a binding contract offer which may or may not be accepted by the seller. This is the seller’s own free decision.


After the buyer has clicked the "Buy" button in his shopping cart, the seller is expected to accept the request of the purchaser on completion of the contract within a period of 5 days. After this period, the customer is no longer bound by the contract.


The contract between the seller and the buyer takes effect only upon acceptance of the contract concluded by a confirmation of purchase by the seller to the buyer. The purchase confirmation can be done in writing or online (eg by email).


Under certain circumstances an automatic e-mail confirmation of your purchase will be generated before acceptance of the offer from the customer through the seller. Please note that this automatic confirmation does not constitute acceptance of your offer to purchase by the seller. Purchase confirmations are designated by the word "purchase confirmation".

§ 5 Revocation

Please refer to our rules of revocation which you will find at our link: ("http//www.jeedoo.com/withdrawal/")

§ 6 Movies in Direct Download

jeedoo.com also offers movies as direct download. The rights to the films are held by the supplier of the goods, which is clearly marked in every movie. Violations of these rights will be pursued by their respective owners.

§ 7 Assurances:Prohibitions


You guarantee that all information provided by you with your order are current and correct. If you give false or fraudulent information, jeedoo reserves the right to sue through civil and criminal law.


The customer is not entitled to use mechanisms, software or other methods in connection with the use of our web site, which may interfere with the functioning of our web site. The customer may not take any action which may result in an unreasonable or excessive overload of the infrastructure on the jeedoo-Web Site.

§ 8 Prices and Payment


Unless expressly agreed between the selling and buying party, prices are valid for the products, as specified to the relevant offer on the jeedoo.com web site.


Unless otherwise noted, the prices are in Euros.


The prices for each item are inclusive of VAT, plus shipping costs.


Concerning contracts between jeedoo and the supplier of goods.


Provided jeedoo has successfully sold to a buyer, the supplier of goods is paid by jeedoo.


Purchase discount: jeedoo grants the goods supplier a minimum discount of 20% as well a reduction of 0,80€ on the selling price quoted on the offer (excluding shipping costs).


The goods supplier does not have a claim/right at completion of the purchase agreement.


The goods supplier places his products on the jeedoo web site quoting the retail price. When jeedoo determines a selling price for the end customer he is not bound by the retail price. When jeedoo sells an article at another price which is not the retail price made by the supplier of the goods, then the amount of the purchase discount is reckoned on the basis of the retail price of the supplier of the goods.

§ 9 Delivery to customers


jeedoo will inform the goods supplier the customers delivery address. The delivery is on principle sent directly to the customer by the supplier.


On delivery of goods to the customer, the ownership of the goods transfers into the ownership of jeedoo.

§ 10 Payment and credit

jeedoo issues the supplier with a credit note for the price of the total sale of the goods. The credit will be released 15 days after conclusion of the contract of sale. This can be prepared for payment on the customer account page. The credit payment via bank transfer takes place on the next working day onto the registered bank account of the supplier. The supplier will receive a credit document containing all payments. The credit document for customers entitled to a tax deduction including 7% VAT. For customers not entitled for tax exemption the document will be issued without VAT.

§11 Obligations and rights


jeedoo reserves the right on non delivery to the buyer, to invoice the seller with handling charges and a processing fee to the amount of the granted purchase discount.


The seller is committed to immediately inform the buyer over any delay in delivery or if the article is unavailable. In this case jeedoo provides an appropriate function in the order management. In case of delay in delivery or non availability of the ordered goods, the buyer has the right to cancel the contract. In this case jeedoo has the right to charge a processing fee.

§ 12 Withdrawal and revocation


jeedoo reserves the right to withdraw from a contract of a supplier of goods provided the customer/buyer makes use of his statutory rights to withdraw from a contract. In this case jeedoo will reimburse the supplier with the paid retail price incl. any shipping costs that may have occurred. Provided the customer is not bound to pay shipping costs for delivery, the supplier of the goods is bound to be invoiced for the costs of the return of the goods.


The supplier is bound to receive any goods returned by the customer and jeedoo. In this case jeedoo will send the customer a corresponding revocation form via e-mail or to download from the web site.


When exercising the right for a withdrawal or any returns made by the customer, the supplier will immediately inform jeedoo. jeedoo is not liable for any damage that may occur through delayed information from the supplier.

§ 13 General principles for suppliers


The supplier is bound to describe and enter the goods which jeedoo, as seller, via the website onto the customer account into the corresponding category, This information must be correct, complete with explanations and descriptions of any characteristics, faults or defects which could reduce the selling retail price.


The supplier should describe the goods in writing. This may not include any advertisements for anything else but the offered goods. Especially no mention of links to personal homepages of the supplier. jeedoo holds the rights to change the description of the goods.


It is not allowed to sell, buy any articles in your customer account which do not apply to legal regulations or common decency. Following articles may not be placed for sale on you customer account:
Articles where rights will be violated e.g.applications,offers, distribution, copyrights, performance rights, industrial property e.g.Patents, Brand names.

Propaganda and articles from unconstitutional organizations.

Weapons included in the Arms Act, especially, guns, knives, and ammunition of any kind.

jeedoo will not represent and will not sell these articles. Any supplier offering these goods with have their customer account revoked, the supplier will be banned from the platform and any such articles on the customer account will be withdrawn from sale.

§ 14 Protection of minors and shipping

The jeedoo platform is bound by the regulations of the protection of minors. Suppliers are bound by these regulations when selling articles from the customer account. They are bound to inform themselves of the protection of minors regulations in their present country of residence and to forward these to the customer. If the supplier does not comply to these rules jeedoo is not bound by any requirements made by a third party against jeedoo.


Any addresses, contacts and e-mail addresses on the jeedoo.com marketplace may not be used for any commercial advertising.


jeedoo reserves the right with the principles of regulatory and framework of fairness to change the rules, within reason insofar as in consideration of legitimate interests on the website.

§ 15 Exemption


the supplier indemnifies jeedoo from all claims e.g.warranty claims, damage claims, reimbursement of expenses claims etc;
the buyer or other third party whose rights have been violated through the supplier on the jeedoo web site may regress in demanding claims to the buyer


In any of these cases the supplier is bound to jeedoo for any costs for legal defence,including court costs, lawyers costs. This does not apply if the supplier is not responsible for any infringement of the contract.


Moreover, jeedoo is not bound by any claims from purchaser or third parties if these claims have been affected by culpable behaviour by the supplier. This applies also to any false reviews made on jeedoo.com.

§ 16 Limitation of liability


The liability of jeedoo is excluded or limited to damages resulting from injury to life, body or health, provided these are not deliberate or are founded through a negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or agent.


Liability is excluded or limited for other damages caused by products sold by us, provided these are not deliberate or through gross negligence by a legal representative or agent.

§ 17 Rights for the end-user in case of receiving a defective product


The statutory warranty apllies if a bought product is faulty insofar as there no deviant results. Cession from these claims is not possible for the end user.


A product is classed as faulty if it does not fit the agreed description, does not have industrial protection or copyrights or other rights which cause damage to a third party.


A product is not faulty due to incompatibility problems with other products, unless this has been expressly explained between the two parties concerned. We cannot guarantee any warranties for goods which we do not sell.


A warranty from us will not be fulfilled when the fault is caused by mishandling of the product, misuse, improper storage, improper maintenance or installation, or non-observance of instructions from the manufacturer or any instructions we include for the use of the product.

§ 18 Rating


The end user or the supplier has the possibility to rate the end user or buyer after each transaction by using the rating system on the website. Every end user or supplier has the right to use this rating system.


It is not allowed:

- to post misleading ratings
- to rate oneself or a third party
- to post un-circumstantial ratings that have nothing to do with the underlying contract ot product
- to rate with insults, defamation, slander or abusive criticism.
- to rate on other web sites


jeedoo reserves the right to remove ratings when it is indicated a violation is made against these TCs, third party rights or other applicable law. jeedoo does not check the ratings. Ratings can, by their very nature incorrect or misleading.

§ 19 Applicable law and jurisdiction


For these TCs the applicable law is Spain. The regulations for UN sales laws do not apply.


Contract language is English.


No submission to codes of conduct. We do not submit to codes of conduct.

§ 17 Severability

If any provisions in these TCs become ineffective this shall not affect negotiated contracts. Void or ineffective provisions shall be replaced by the statutory provisions.