Nacho Vs Rocco - DVD

Release date: October 16, 2009
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Label: Evil Angel
Director: Rocco
Cast: Janine, Vanessa, Natasha, Shannon, Amanda, Patty, Natalie, Vivien, Rocco Siffredi, Katja Love, Nacho Vidal, Martina Mercedes, Katherine, Aneta, Malorie, Mari, Roxy Jezel, Angel Dark, Carolina Cage
Release date: October 16, 2009
Length: 180 minutes
Language: Originalton
Image format: 16:9 (1.78:1)
UPC: 746183522037
Region Code Free: This DVD / Blu-ray is playable on any player worldwide.


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Nacho Vs Rocco

Rocco Siffredi and Nacho Vidal: Could they be the best buddy team since Lethal Weapon? With Nacho vs. Rocco, Rocco dives into his vaults for seven overwhelming, over-the-top scenes. Relive the early days of the Dynamic Duo as they make their way through no less than seventeen of the sweetest dirt sirens from around the world to open up and say glug on camera! From Ibiza to Budapest, the action is non-stop, with well-known favourites like Angel Dark, Roxy Jezel, Sandra Romain and Katja Love, plus a host of equally lavish treats to be enjoyed for the first time ever! The CD is packed with a photo gallery and a summary of the first scene: Mari, Vanessa and Malorie are three perverted Euro brunettes with strap-ons and blonde wigs who put on a troisserie in a nasty Sapphic menage before Nacho and Rocco come to remind them of the good things in life: real male super dicks that make them go down their throats and up their Culos. The two legendary stallions sodomize the sluts side by side, Rocco pumps away while Nacho gets his ass eaten, Nacho fucks the bitch that winds up on Rocco's face. Malorie gets double-penetrated as she sucks on Rocco's toes, then eats the sperm off Vanessa's ass before it can drip down her ultra-massive gap. Rocco sits down on both faces of the girls at the same time and howls to the sky before he sprays over her whole face. Scene two: Katya Love and Patty ambush Nacho in an empty apartment, seduce him with intense glances and finger sucking until his famous cock is on full mast and ready to be shared. That's where Rocco comes in, taking Patty to the window for an immediate ass fuck, while Katya continues her seduction of Nacho in slow motion. She sits on his cock and sticks it up her ass while Nacho stares at her bald beauty. Then Rocco walks over to get a piece, first sticking his cock in her mouth and then helping Nacho double-penetrate her. Nacho goes and gets a piece of Patty's ass. Both guys get on Katya's bald head, and Patty licks it off. Scene three: Nacho watches Katherine and Aneta play perverted games; the blonde, naked except for stockings and a black hood, is led on her knees into the bathroom where Rocco is royally waiting on the shithouse to fuck the submissive bitch face to face. After getting her to lick his ass, he fucks her face from a standing position before inviting her to the fuckfest Nacho is having with the other girls in the main room. A hectic orgy follows, in which the unlucky hooded whore crawls between all legs to serve as an ATM while the other girls' asses are plundered. Rocco is fingered and licked on Katherine's ass before he sodomizes Amanda and then unloads into the mouth of the two girls.scene four: Nacho meets the half-naked blondes Caroline Cage and Vivien, who are playing around in the pavilion with a double-headed pink dildo, and for their pleasure immediately starts to harass them by shoving his face up Vivien's asshole. Rocco reaches out from behind the camera to pump Caroline's asshole with his fingers. The two aroused girls pounce on Nacho's cock, stroking and sucking while Rocco continues to examine Caroline's ass and pussy. Caroline jumps for a cowgirl to fuck on Nacho's lap while Vivien watches and plays with herself. Caroline and Vivien get into a lesbian action that is interrupted when Nacho climbs onto the table they are on and starts fucking Caroline and then Vivien. Caroline gets some pussy-lapping from Viv while she gets pumped up by her puppy. Nacho loosens Caroline's ass with a few fingers before squeezing his cock in, with Viv sucking on the clitoris to soften the shock of entering. The girls swap places and go through several positions with Nacho before Viv grabs the cock from her friend's ass, sucks the sperm out and then carries it into her mouth for a white wet soul kiss. While they are still enjoying Nacho's sperm, Caroline reaches over and unzips cameraman Roccos' pants, and the two girls give him a quick, frantic blowjob that makes him cum in no time: Brunette Shannon is unsure how she feels about coming home and finding Nacho making out with her roommate Janine in her apartment. She lights a cigarette and watches head-shaking as Nacho pulls off her white pants and then her panties from the blonde's hard hips. Rocco reaches out from behind the camera and comfortingly strokes Shannon's cheek as Nacho continues to strip and chew on Janine's breasts as she unbuckles his belt and begins to caress his cock. Rocco persuades Shannon to suck his own cock, but before she knows it, Nacho's penis is next to her, and so is Janine! Both girls suck double dicks before they change partners, and before you know it, Rocco's got Shannon's ass balanced on the desk and glides out of the POV angle into her hairy pussy. Meanwhile, Nacho has Janine on hands and knees on the windowsill and is already gawking her asshole up with his ponytail. Shannon comes over to lick Nacho's balls while he pumps, for which she is rewarded with his cock in her own ass. Rocco comes over to lick his head while Nacho pumps away. Then Shannon sits on Nacho for an anal reverse cowgirl as she leans forward to suck Rocco while Janine kneels beside her and sucks anything in her way. Finally, both stallions get on the glass coffee table and the two girls dutifully lick up the sperm stain with two flavors. Scene 6: Nacho carries Natasha out into the backyard and desperately fucks her in the open air before Martina and Natalie join them. Martina immediately starts stroking and playing around with the cock while Natalie distracts Natasha with some sapphic attention. Nacho finally does it with all three girls on the picnic table, taking turns loosening their assholes with his giant tool while the bystanders suck and nibble on his privates between bumps. After a while, Rocco joins the fight and a wild four-person orgy roars its way to a sticky end as the girls vie to be baptized by the sperm of these two famous stallions. Scene 7: On Ibiza, in a sun-drenched hotel room, Nacho happily nibbles on Angel Dark's shaved pussy, squeezing and sucking on it as if it were a fresh piece of tropical fruit. He takes off her heels and sucks on her toes for a moment before he gives in to her lust and lets her mouth attach to the end of his cock. British Eurasian Roxy Jezel enters the room in a flowery bikini, and Nacho immediately grabs the spinner and carries her to the couch where she squeezes Angel's tits before she swallows his cock. Roxy then climbs on Nacho's lap for a cowgirl ride, cursing and snapping at the camera until Rocco fills her mouth with his cock. Angel storms forward to get her share of the stallion meat and the two of them suck on it while Nacho continues to fuck Roxy. Rocco comes out from behind the camera to fuck Angel in both ass and pussy while Nacho bangs Roxy in missionary position. Roxy climbs on Nacho in cowgirl position so that he shoves his cock up her ass while Rocco fucks Angel while he pinches Roxy's shaved pussy while fucking. Nacho puts Roxy over Angel's body so that she can suck the cock fresh out of Angel's ass while he continues to sodomize her own sphincter. Rocco Cock slaps and chokes Roxy while she begs for more. He sets her up and spanks her hard by coloring her cheeks bright red before he shoves his cock up her ass and strangles her with both hands while he hammers on her. Angel is brought to his knees and sent to the ATM while Nacho fucks her a little bit from behind. Finally she pulls the semen out of Nacho's balls when a drenched and dirty Roxy finally gets her face full of Rocco's sperm.

Movie scene 1 Length 23 minutes 22 Seconds

Movie scene 2 Length 21 minutes 03 Seconds

Movie scene 3 Length 30 minutes 22 Seconds

Movie scene 4 Length 24 minutes 44 Seconds

Movie scene 5 Length 18 minutes 35 Seconds

Movie scene 6 Length 29 minutes 38 Seconds

Movie scene 7 Length 33 minutes 30 Seconds

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