Twenty Questions - DVD

Red Stripe


Miss Brown, Monique, Angelina

Product Information

  • Length: 40 minutes
  • Language: Englisch
  • Country: England
  • UPC: 3102706770212
  • Image format: 4:3 (1.33:1)

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Product Information

  • Length: 40 minutes
  • Language: Englisch
  • Country: England
  • UPC: 3102706770212
  • Image format: 4:3 (1.33:1)


Once again we meet the infamous Miss Brown, and two more of her unfortunate students. The young ladies have decieded to take the afternoon off, thinking that Miss Brown is not on school premises. They are enjoying a bottle of wine and a cigarette in the afternoon sunshine, when Miss Brown returns unexpectedly and catches them. They tell her that they have done their revision and they needed a break. Miss Brown has heard it all before, and after testing the girls on the work they should have done, it becomes obvious that they have been lying to her. The girls know what to expect when Miss Brown is angry. She tells them to report to her private apartment, where she punishes both girls most severely. After giving both of them a over-the-knees bare bottom spanking, she make them bend over for the strap. by the time she has strapped them both, the tears are beginning to flow. Once the cane is produced the crying becomes more intense, and even tough the girls make a half hearted attempt to persuade Miss Brown not to cane them, they know that their fate is sealed. Each girl bends over, and receives a full eighteen strokes of the senior girls cane, across their sore, and very red bare bottoms.

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Rodney Moore is "The Spank Master"!. A Young lady is sent to a family friend for instructions on the graduate schools dress code when refusing to conform she is punished with an over the knee bare bottom spanking!. So I set up a meeting to audition her.... This is that time of the year. She badly wanted to work for my company and was in desperate need of a good sound spanking. The head mistress asks Miss Kelly to help with Georgina's bullying of others. Once again Annie needs some guidance. Dieses Label steht für ausgefallenes! Begib auch du dich auf neues Terrain! Perverser Hardcore Sex.

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Bei diesem Label handelt es sich um keinen normalen Mainstream Porno. Co-Ed Emma Haize thinks she´s pulled a fast one over on her teacher. Chris also finds out that Annie has been sleeping with some of the other girls' boyfriends. Little did i know she was useless as far as cleaning or performing any of the other duties of a good maid.

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