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  • Release date: December 19, 2013

Product Information

  • Length: 120 minutes
  • UPC: 657061552186
  • Region Code Free
    This DVD / Blu-ray is playable on any player worldwide.


Eager, mature women in five amazing scenes.

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Their ever-eager bodies are super tight and soft, with curvy butts and cute faces!. Japanese women seasoned in the ways of pleasuring a man, are serving their male counter-parts as sweetly as they can!.

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Milfs Of Japan 7.

You get an epic look at the beauty of the Japanese figure... We cum in their mouth and they swallow our cum.. Over 3 hours of horny Japanese MILFs in four amazing scenes..

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Japanese Cougar Club 5.

Shy girls from Japan come to explore sexuality and the film offers really tender moments of eroticism along side the usual pussy pounding stuff we all know and love so well! Hot girls, Great scenes, must see.. A handful of the always-cute Japanese teens are ready to serve our sexual urges. This is an awesome DVD. Tiny, cum-hungry, innocent-looking Japanese girls! See their sunny dispositions translate into sexy cock worshiping fun!.

Perky Japanese Teens 5.