Prison Of Pain - Gay DVD

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  • Release date: January 1, 2005

Product Information

  • UPC: 602422311537
  • Region Code Free
    This DVD / Blu-ray is playable on any player worldwide.


Get ready to cross the next threshold of fetish excitement with Prison of Pain. It`s 110 minutes of non-stop bondage, tickle torture, SandM, wrestling and pound-it-home sex. Michael Brandon is the evil warden of the Metropolitan Center for the Sexually Deviant. Michaels dick, nicknamed Monster, is a porn legend. One by one, the new prisoners are inducted and given a taste of what to expect and how they will be corrected for their indiscretions. (Anyone who gets a handful of Brandons massive dick will be begging to be tamed.)Boy-toy Anthony Holloway and Italian stud David Chelsea are the first to fall into the wardens hands. Trussed up and helpless, Anthony gets a dose of the pin-prick wheel while Davids very sensitive balls get a weighty workout. But since his big uncut dick is rock hard throughout, we think theres some pleasure involved.When Aussie bodybuilder Trent Fosters mouths off, he is sent off to the standing bondage rack to wait for his special treatment: tickle torture! You tickle fans have to see this scene to believe it. Trent is really, really ticklish. Plus, he is bound hand and foot, and you know the warden shows no mercy. Trent goes completely wild trying to get away from the wardens fingers. Even if youve never thought of tickling as erotic, the intensity of this scene is a complete turn-on. When Trent finally agrees to behave, he has to jerk off for the wardens pleasure.Next, the warden orders a round of prison bitch wrestling between David, Anthony, and new inductee, Duncan Mills. Of course, the loser gets fucked. Duncan gets hurt and Shane takes him back to the cell. Checking the injury, Shane cant keep his mouth off Duncans dick. Duncan certainly seems healed as he pounds Shanes ass. When the warden smells sex all over his boy, he goes ballistic. No one has sex without the wardens permission. He makes Shane pay and pay and pay in an SandM and sex scene that is simply off the charts!After warming up Shanes ass with a billy club, he puts Monster to work and piston fucks Shane into the stratosphere. Lock it up!

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