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The Size of it.

Word gets out regarding the newbie's Titanic-sized dong and everyone’s got a shoehorn ready, so to speak. schreibt. Gefesselt muß seine Frau mit ansehen, wie Howard derbe vom Einbrecher durchgefickt wird und Gefallen daran findet. L.A. Animus, wie man ihn nennt, lässt sich jedoch nicht so schnell fassen und treibt weiter sein verficktes Unwesen .... Worry not, that morsel eventually gets gobbled - by Starr. The legend continues! Kurt Marshall leads an All-Star cast; in one of Falcon's finest and most sexually intense films ever. Nobody loses in that game, as freckled blondie Sloane starts sucking, and then bottoming. Howard und seine Frau überraschen eines Nachts einen Einbrecher. A cock is soon added, which doesn’t bother bottom boy one spud's worth. Starring Kurt Marshall, Steve Hanson, Lee Stern, Eddie Marks, Jeff Turk, Giorgio Canali, Tony Bravo, O.G. Directed by Bill Clayton.. The boy needs a hoisting crane...

Animus - Detektiv auf Schwanzjagd.

Getting back to morsel Donovan, he screws Starr in every which way - hanging through a fence, on top of him, and bent over. Covermodel Tony Donovan (on the right) is lucky if he can get that anaconda of his anywhere near straight. Before you know it, a bemused Donovan stumbles in, but quickly departs.

Getting Straight.

The Other Side of Aspen 2.

Elsewhere, Stratton and Sloane play a game of "winner gets what he wants from the loser" pool. Precondom. This one should be hot on so many levels judging by the cast alone: super-scrumptious Jeremy Tucker (marry me, please!), Christopher Scott - the man who has a hole deeper and more beautiful than the Grand Canyon (see him take two-cocks-at-once in Gang Bang Jocks for proof) and the long-awaited return of Eric Hanson who has to be one of the most handsome men the gay adult industry has ever seen.. LAW übernimmt den Fall und beauftragt seinen fähigsten und natürlich schwanzgeilsten Detective, den Fall aufzuklären. Really adorable young morsels - slim, ripped, and all smooth - get it on every which way. Eine Geschichte, wie sie das Leben in L.A. Johnson, Scott O'Hara, Chris Lance and Jeff Converse. While that's happening, two lads playfully toss mashed potatoes at each other in the kitchen, which leads to a whole lot of ass-wagging and finger fucking. Set in a halfway house for young men who would otherwise be forced to survive on the streets, the story kicks off as attitudesy - and h-u-n-g - Tony Donovan is welcomed in. A must for aficionados of young American boy-looking guys and their oversized beef..