Caesar Is Cowboy - Gay DVD

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Caesar, Brad Rock, Tom Katt, Rhett O'Hara, Dane Brando, Sal Lombardi, Staten McCormack, Ray Stone, Kelly Madison, Evan Taylor

Product Information

  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Language: Englisch
  • Country: USA
  • UPC: 4020825400959
  • Image format: 4:3 Vollbild
  • Region Code Free
    This DVD / Blu-ray is playable on any player worldwide.
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Product Information

  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Language: Englisch
  • Country: USA
  • UPC: 4020825400959
  • Image format: 4:3 Vollbild
  • Region Code Free
    This DVD / Blu-ray is playable on any player worldwide.


A Cowboy is a man with the body of a god, and a soul of the devil himself. He is a man who will do anything to fulfill his twisted desires. Director Blue Blake has taken all the best elements of his previous productions and created one of his best efforts to date. "Cowboy" is edgy, witty and produced with state-of-the-art production techniques -- and the men are on fire with lust from the first scene to the cum-splashing last. For starters, Mr. Blake introduces us to Version 2.0 of porn star Caesar -- who has gained an astonishing amount of muscle -- he's now competition-level and looks AMAZING. But, as always, Blue Blake incorporates a variety of types throughout, from bodybuilders to young and smooth to rugged and hairy. Dane Brando is a curly-haired pretty guy; Brad Rock is a horse-hung man with beautiful eyes and an even prettier butthole; Rhett O'Hara, um, another big-dicked macho man (a pattern emerges); Sal Lombardi is very muscular, very tan, and very pretty; Tom Katt is a tank of a man -- his muscles have muscles; Staten McCormack is a big moose of a man (and I mean that as a compliment) with a dick almost as big as Brad Rock's; Ray Stone is a fur-all-over, sexy-all-over he-man; Kelly Madison is a natural-born sexbomb with big pink lips, gorgeous bubble-butt, and an unstoppable sex drive; and Evan Taylor looks as rugged and sexy as ever with his long dick and muscular frame. The story revolves around Caesar, the titular cowboy. He's a drifter who meanders about wearing tight jeans, a leather cowboy hat and dusty boots. He's troubled by his past, and as the first scene opens, he is being tormented in his sleep by a nightmare. The nightmare has something to do with naked men in a shower (we should all have such nightmares). He is soon awakened by Rhett O'Hara, who tries to sooth Caesar's troubled soul with an early-morning blowjob. (Beats Cheerios, I guess!) Rhett really goes to town and slurps and gobbles for a good while before Caesar inhales his mighty prick in return. They fall into a 69 before both pop off their loads. Rhett takes a post-romp nap and Caesar steals money from his wallet and splits. Later, Caesar thumbs a ride from Dane Brando, and, in one line of dialogue -- gets a job, a place to live and a lover. Dane tells Caesar that he's always had a thing for bodybuilders ever since he saw his father's mechanic jerk off. (Odd pick-up line, but it worked.) In flashback, we witness said mechanic, Sal Lombardi, tending to a car and then tending to his uncut dick for a nice jerk-off. Throughout, Sal makes great eye contact with the camera and even turns around and spreads his smooth cheeks apart to reveal a hairy crack with a very pink (and moist-looking) center. He then ejaculates, with long streams of cum jetting up his stomach. After this soul-baring confession from Dane, they drive to Dane's ranch and then we see Caesar moving big hunks of wood about the ranch. Then, after a hard day's work, Caesar and Dane have sex. Dane blows Caesar, Caesar rims Dane's hairy crack, missionary-fucks him on a big table and then sit-fucks his perky little butt on a wicker chair (and I'm surprised the chair did not collapse to the ground given Caesar's size). Caesar squirts his load on Dane's chin, and Dane dumps his on the ground. Ranch hands Tom Katt and Evan Taylor talk about their boss' new guy-toy. Tom says he is suspicious of the hulking stranger and expresses his concern. Evan accuses Tom of being jealous. That discussion, however well intentioned, is cut short as they start kissing and making out on and around a big tractor. Evan licks and sucks on Tom's nipples before sucking his dick and rimming his ass. Evan then fucks Tom in a variety of positions (most impressive is a missionary-fuck with Tom perched atop one of the tractor's big tires). After the fucking, Tom gets down on his knees and sucks Evan's long dick. Both men pop off nice cum-shots in the end. Caesar confesses his love -- and a long-held secret -- to Dane. He tells him why he has nightmares and how he was traumatized by his father, brother and cousin. The reason for this life-altering trauma was a bathroom three-way executed expertly by Staten, Ray and Kelly, which Caesar painfully witnessed. Poor Caesar. In another flashback, Caesar describes in delicious detail what he saw one fine day. The three men are already going at it full throttle as the scene begins -- sloppy kissing, frantic groping, etc. Kelly then plops down and goes to work on Staten and Ray's big dicks, licking and sucking with all his might. Staten and Ray are just as greedy when it comes to cocksucking and they basically devour each other in a non-stop deep-throat-a-thon before they all take turns rimming each other. Kelly has a smooth ass and a pink hole that Staten and Ray take turns filling with cock. They fuck him doggy and then missionary before cumming on his face. After Caesar's confession, Dane calls the police (I won't reveal Caesar's diabolical crime here, as it's a nice, dark twist). So Blue Blake, playing a detective, turns up at the ranch to arrest Caesar, but before he can blurt out the Miranda warning, Caesar takes off -- running for his life. Blue's law enforcement colleague, Brad Rock, chases after the hunky criminal, and before you can say "Stop! Police!," Caesar has brokered a deal with Brad that he will let him have his way with him if he lets him escape. So Brad agrees, drops trou, and Caesar goes to work on the huge dick before him. Caesar does a great job with the big cock as well as a rim of Brad's shiny hole. Brad then fucks Caesar from behind as Caesar holds on to a ladder for dear life. The cum flies and then Caesar goes back to exact his revenge against Dane. "Cowboy" is just plain hot. All of the scenes have vitality, but it's Caesar's excellent performances that really make it something special. To me, Caesar has never looked better, and this production expertly highlights his new-and-improved body. However, the shower scene -- the raunchy three-way with Staten McCormack, Ray Stone and Kelly Madison -- is pure joy. The look of pleasure on Kelly's face as Staten plunges his huge cock into his ass is priceless.

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This was Joe Gages first porn film in 15 years - the start of a great thing!! Look to see additional Gage films since then too! STARRING: Jason Branch, Jake Armstrong, Christian Owen, Duncan Frost, Rocky, Nino Bacci, Logan Reed, Sergio Real, Matt Sizemore, Clint Cooper, Mark Reed, Jeremy Tucker, Jeremy Jordan, Derrick Mills, Ethan Richard, Alex Carrington, Casey Williams, Jack Ryan, Chad Donovan. That`s how these studs achieve a scorching-hot level of `Intensity`.. Handsome Abraham Al Malek dives into the sparkling water of the infinity edge pool then emerges in front of waiting Dario Beck who quickly loses his swimsuit so Abraham can service him poolside.


This is an absolute MUST OWN for all fans of Damien and Francesoand for fans of incredible all male fucking and sucking. and maybe bask in a load of your own.. With 14 scenes including 18 face-covering loads of cum, this is a must-have movie for cum lovers everywhere.

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Responding to a thinly veiled request, Goran has no problem with helping his friend Gabriel Vanderloo get off.

Open Road 2.

Sex, sex, and more sex is what these guys call taking it easy... This is beautifully filmed filthy sex that will drive you wild.. Not to drugs, sex or alcohol. For horny men who only want to fuck and be fucked, `Easy Inn` is the place you`ll want to be when you see all the passionate action and steamy fucking that happens there..

Gay Of Thrones.

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His scenes parade not only his hot body and uncut cock, but his sexual versatility: one scene is all oral; in the others, he tops and he bottoms.

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You`ll fall in lust with every inch of their bodies and every stroke of their cocks. Take an uninhibited journey with Raging Stallion on the back roads of America. The two soon indulge in a fuck fest right on the massage table, and a very happy ending is had by both. Their solution? A garden hose and a blow job. and now he must blow Tommy and Lucio. Being a meat packer is exhausting work, and at day`s end, Tommy Defendi lets his meat melt in the mouth and ass of Chris Bines. Strip down and dive into the glistening, sweaty action in Trunks 7. Abraham and Tomy Hawk are thugs hanging out, trying to beat the afternoon heat. Francesco D`Macho services an anonymous guy`s cock before getting his ass pounded in a multiple cum shot marathon. Scruff delivers the hottest studs just the way you like them: passionate, powerful and penetrating.. Award-winning director Steven Scarborough has assembled a new cast of stunning musclemen who pack their trunks with giant cocks and big round bubble-butts to show off under the blazing hot Palm Springs sun. it`s time to hop on the saddle!. Luckily our own mr. They have a hot fuck fest that leads to each one of them exploding with cum by the end of it! Tyler and Dereck are long-time friends, typically working together a few times a week at least but Tyler hasn`t been around lately. No stag goes unsatisfied in `Stag You Stag Me,` a no-holds-barred bonanza of unrestrained lust. Romp after romp, he lets the men leave him breathless, panting and begging for more, drenched in the sweat and cum of himself and others.. It doesn`t matter if you`re a fan of facials or not, once you watch Cum In My Face 2, you`ll likely find a new sexual appetite.In an additional 15 scenes, the blindfolds come off and the action shows both participants in hot cum shooting action. on Tyler S`s ass! The two have a hot locker room scene with a cum-filled ending. As always, Monster Bang serves up the biggest dicks in the world of gay porn, but in High Voltage the studio amps up the energy and gives you pure electricity with one of the lines hottest casts ever. Falcon Str8Men 14 features four hot, straight studs working their cocks for the camera in solo and group action!.

San Francisco Meat Packers 2.

Watch men wage war and besiege each others inner walls as the battle rages on!. these guys have no shame when their cocks get hard. Lips sucking, muscles flexing, big cocks throbbing, asses getting pounded. His reward is a robust multi-position fuck. Sexy, rough and rugged men let loose and ride free on the Open Road, experiencing intense sexual encounters and hooking up whenever and wherever it happens. Soon, Ridge suggests that Tyler just lay back and relax as he starts to massage and suck his rock hard cock. Being Addicted has its risks. Whether it`s on a picturesque balcony, on a beach, or outside of a car... Being Addicted drives him to plant cameras in their apartment... These boys of summer find it hard to kick back and relax when they descend on a Palm Springs bed and breakfast overrun with too many sweaty bodies and big dicks. The sexiest men doing the sexiest acts, all for you.. Watch Hugo Alexander, Brock Hart, Dane Hyde, Nick Maretti, Steve Ponce, and Bobby Rail go at each other!. Don`t be surprised if you immediately start having the urge to get down on your knees and have complete strangers endlessly blowing their fat loads in your mouth. Tyler invites Chase over to film a scene with a chick...or so he thinks. Pam was there to capture every minute of it from the juicy cock sucking to the hard pounding ass fucking and bring it to you in this sizzling-hot all-sex poolside fuck-fest. He`s a voyeur.

Tulsa County Line.

This truly is a feast of cum shots placed on a platter for you to enjoy. and that makes for one hell of an Easy Summer!. Darius Ferdinand, with a strong jaw, chiseled physique, and lengthy uncut cock, swaps sensuous blowjobs with Adrian Hart, then gets seduced by Adam Ramzi for a cum-spewing hot tub flip-fuck. The eight men wont stop until they get their fill and its Never Enough.. Temperatures rise when NakedSword heads to Ft. With countless face-covering loads of cum, this is a must-have movie for cum lovers everywhere.The first 11 scenes show Damien Crosse and Francesco D`Macho finding anonymous, hot, masculine straight and bi guys with huge cocks to service to the point where they spray their creamy loads on either Damien`s or Francesco`s faces. These guys sweat enough to fill a tub. gets interesting when Tyler A. The director eventually tells them both that the girl is a no-show and that they don`t have a replacement. Damien Crosse and Gabriel Vanderloo fuck their way from the bathroom to the bedroom, and Damien blows two loads. Raging Stallions gives you a crazy film about amazing models that cannot keep their hands off their hot buddies... Whether it`s in the kitchen, the bedroom outside or even in a suspended tram car, these studs blow their loads and shoot for the face in every jizz-filled situation, including some with favorite stars like Logan McCree, Spencer Reed, Logan Scott, Ben Brown and Adrian Toledo. He hides in the bedroom while Goran thumb-fucks Massimo Blade`s ass prior to a writhing fuckand leaves a sticky spot on the floor. With foreskin, fur, and fearless sexual lust, the European cast of Damien Crosse, Francesco D`Macho, Juan Lopez, Gabriel Vanderloo, and a super-hung stranger treat each other to sucking, rimming, fucking, and cum guzzling. Cum and watch some of the hottest muscle guys suck and fuck in some of the most fascinating. Ludo Sander gets his hole filled twice: first from big-dicked powerhouse Andrew Stark, then from muscled, voracious Landon Conrad. These dudes don`t mess around, it`s some intense pounding you don`t want to miss!. The connection between these guys is so powerful that their dicks are as hard as granite, and their balls are swollen with cum. `San Francisco Meat Packers` packs in all your favorite cuts of meat, from rump roast to prime beef, but their specialty is Grade XXX man meat. Welcome to a viewing of some hot and horny exhibitionists having spontaneous, public sex in the latest film from Stag Homme Studios! When these guys get horny, they will do it anywhere.

Hotel X.

You have never seen fucking quite like this. That thick salty warm cream that oozes, dribbles, spurts and shoots with primal masculinity is the only thing you`re gonna want on your tongue for a very long time!. Though the 18 men who D`Macho and Crosse feast on remain anonymous, you`ll fall in lust with every inch of their bodies and every stroke of their cocks. Lucio Saints enjoys Toby Dutchs cock sucking talents before fucking him multiple ways until they each shoot massive loads. An all out self-professed sex pig who is shamelessly cock hungry, Lance Gear is one insatiable hunk! When the camera comes on him, he knows no sexual limits and shows everything to the viewer. Director Tony Dimarco shows you what happens when six studs have nothing to do... Willing bottoms and horny tops satisfy every craving in `Stag You Stag Me.`. A gym training session with Tyler S. Handsome chiseled hunk Sean Duran leads this cast of oversexed houseguests including Leo Forte, Cameron Kincade, Jimmie Slater, Alex Greene, Isaac Hardy, Marxel Rios, and Rylan Knox.

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Stag Homme co-directors Damien Crosse and Francesco D`Macho have corralled enough cock for every butt, mouth and hand on the set and Abraham Al Malek is the guy whos cum is the glue holding it all together.. Abraham is brutally handsome, with a swarthy complexion, full beard, intriguing nose and a broad, hairy chest.

Intensity 2.

Its grilling season, and the `San Francisco Meat Packers` are offering tips on how best to enjoy meat. Grab your Bulge and join the party!. He knows from how Damien Crosse and Alex Marte kiss, the way their pants are tented, they intend to fuck.

Cum In My Face 2.

and Tyler A. Join cover man Trenton Ducati as he leads a horny, sex-crazed cast including Jimmy Durano, Ty Roderick, Alex Andrews, Boston Miles, Brendan Cage, and Parker London. Damien gloats over handsome Leo Domenico, who plays a prisoner willing to do anything to appease his angry captor. They dig deep the way the boys of Raging Stallion are always known to! Hot, muscled men plowing their friends assholes and sucking each other`s cocks!. On the Mediterranean coast, the guys are just stunning, and it`s no wonder Stag Homme has found so many beautiful men for Mediterranean Stag. Newcomer Abraham Al Malik is in three of the five scenes in the Stag Homme production bearing his name: Abraham Al Malek. that he knows he is sleeping with his girlfriend.

Handsome Devils.

Their slogan is Packin` the best meat in town and they live up to every word, delivering the choicest cuts deep into their coworkers! These meat packin tops have extra-large tube steaks that will leave you smackin` your lips and begging for more. Lauderdale and packs a house full of hot young guys for a wild week of fucking under the Florida sun! Once the party starts there`s no controlling this group of horned up studs with ripped abs, big bubble butts, and huge cocks bulging in their tight swimsuits. Maybe it`s the scenery or maybe it`s the country, but I definitely think it`s the hot men falling all over each other!.

Tyler St James Muscle Fantasy.

Inked stud Nicholas Taximan gets two scenes in which to wield his cock. During todays session Tyler won`t stop talking about the club chick he met who is also the reason that he has been missing workout sessions with his friend. Finally, Maikel Cash and Goran, white collar and blue collar, literally run into each other on the street. Donato Reyes surrenders his hole to the handsome, statuesque Lucas Fox for a rimming before they fuck with animalistic intensity. Abraham and Dato Foland have an online encounter, but their lust is too big for cyberspace so they hook up on Dato`s kitchen counter. Six horny Spaniards join him for 105 minutes of ball draining, ass stretching action. First he provides a much-needed fast fuck to Francesco D`Macho, then he learns to transfer his lust from the internet to his hot roommate, Goran in a grinding floor fuck. Hookups are on the horizon, and dynamic-duo directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond drive the wild and unruly action. From the first scene, where tattooed wonder Damien Crosse fucks Mike Colucci`s beautiful bubble-butt, straight through to the closing credits, the entire film is about as hot the summer sun beating down on the salty sea. You know the feeling.

Sexo En Barcelona 2.

The result is Hard Frictions Full Release, the kind where you see flashes of white light and think you`ve never shot so far before and that cum never tasted so sweet.. Chase quickly takes Tyler`s cock in his mouth, and then Tyler takes command of Chase`s asshole until he sq. Raging Stallion and director Bruno Bond bring together seven of the hottest men from Spain, Brazil, Hungary and The Netherlands to a country estate in the foothills of the mountains in Northern Spain. It doesn`t matter if you`re a fan of facials or not, once you watch Cum In My Face, you`ll likely find a new sexual appetite. Want a nap by the pool? Not when these guys are around. In walks Ridge with willing hands to get the job done.

Cant Get Enough Of Dato Foland.

Ryan Rose shows Adam Wirthmore that there`s no need for sexting when there are plenty of horny guys in real life. A must have collection from the best of StagHomme studios! Watch these guys perform the hottest sex on Earth!. Dato Foland and Antonio Aguilera satisfy their carnal needs with their loads covering the floor, the walls and each other. Cum In My Face is filled with scene after scene of Damien Crosse and Francesco D`Macho finding hot, masculine straight and bi guys to service to the point where they cum on their faces. D`Macho and Crosse feast on these studs and even get some of them to fuck them with their hefty dicks. Lucio Saints and Tomy Hawk tease each other by cock jousting in boldly colored undies. In Part 2, director Tony Dimarco serves up only the most prime and choice cuts. Dark, smooth Sergi is a head taller than pale, furry Scott, but height doesn`t matter when you`re on your knees or on your back. From the Spanish countryside setting with the epic view of the tree-filled valley, to the godlike muscular bodies of the men by the perfectly clear blue water of the enormous swimming pool, everything in `Gran Vista` is breathtakingly grand in scale.

Stag Fight.

Tyler takes control and gives Derek the punishment fuck of his life!In the next scene, Tyler calls in for a massage. Nikko Russo`s cock sucking fantasy comes to life when Chris Bines finds him naked on the porch. Don`t be surprised if you immediately start having the urge to get down on your knees and have complete strangers endlessly blowing their fat loads in your mouth.

Trunks 7.

This is another sweaty, naked free-for-all in the Hard Friction Studio directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond.

Cum In My Face.

These boys have only one thing on their mind, and that is just pure sex.. `Intensity` builds. You see, hes Addicted.


Tyler St.James: The Muscle Fantasy brings newcomers Johnny and Tyler sitting on the casting couch waiting for girl to show up so they can double team her on camera. except each other.


Johnny Hazzard Top 2 Bottom.

With plenty of outdoor fucks and facial cumshots galore, Mediterranean Stag is one title that`s not to be missed.. Tyler pushes Dereck telling him that the only way to make this up to him is to let Tyler fuck him. Hirsute Dario is magnetically drawn to the muscled, inked Goran, who takes advantage of all Dario`s holes. When you put men together in combinations like these, the only thing on their minds is sex, sex, and more sex.


The boys sure know how to work up a sweat, but I can guarantee everyone will be happy with the end result!. Get ready to work up a sweat with the men in Trunks 7, with some of the world`s hottest gay poolside sex.

Pure Sex.

High Voltage.

Get your ass on the ranch and get ready to get fucked! If you`re looking for some sweet guys that love to take each other to secluded spots and give each other a hot favor or two...

Never Enough.

And for all the pork lovers out there, `San Francisco Meat Packers` is full of raunchy sex pig bottoms eager to take every inch.

Falcon Str8men 14.

See them hook-up, get each other off, and beg for more!. He stalks hot men, with a camera in one hand and his cock in the other. Angel Rock provides the joint and Chris Bines` rump benefits from the heat packed by his meat. Dereck tells Tyler that he fucked her too not thinking it was a big deal, but it turns out to be a HUGE deal sending Tyler into a rage. `Easy Inn`: normally it`s a quiet getaway, but this weekend it`s overrun by horny guys with big dicks, willing asses and fucking on their minds.

Full Release.

Cum In My Face 2 is another full-length movie filled with scene after scene of facial cum shots.

Star Fucker Lance Gear.

Francesco grows bolder each time addiction strikes.


Cleanliness is next to godliness, and when Angelo Marconi is done rubbing down the work tables, he rubs Jimmy Durano right with a rump that`s sizzling. Stag Homme always delivers explosive action, showcasing hot European studs in real-life scenarios. Directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond raised the heat on their trip to Madrid and now you can bask in it... That thick salty warm cream that oozes, dribbles, spurts and shoots with primal masculinity is the only thing you`re gonna want on your tongue for a very long time!. Stag Fight is the first DVD put out by Stag Homme Studios, the hot new company owned by Damien Crosse and Francesco Dimacho! It comprises six hardcore scenes. Tenderloin anyone? Boomer Banks has a cut of meat to rival anyone`s, and Billy Santoro prepares it with a juicy basting of his lips before becoming a human rotisserie on the end of Boomer`s spit. Grab a will get wet! Daddy`s home and he wants some bacon. This movie delivers passionate man on man sex like you`ve never seen it before..

Stag Homme Collection 4.

He refuses to pay him, but agrees to take out payment in trade... You never know what goes on behind the doors of this little hole in the wall!. Getting ready to paint a wall gives Wagner Vittoria a hard on, and his boss, Damien Crosse, is happy to provide an outlet for Wagner`s erection in a flip-fuck on the drop cloth. With Exclusives Erik Rhodes, Derek Parker and Charlie Harding, as well as favorites Trenton Ducati, Marc Dylan, Chris Tyler, Lawson Kane and Fabio Stallone, this lightening hot release features big, beefy, meaty, sexy stud after stud engaging in unrestrained, huge-cocked man sex. There`s nothing like a hot joint to ward off the chill of a cold meat locker. Topher DiMaggio isn`t interested in breakfast when he finds Colt Rivers in the kitchen; they fuck right on the counter. tells Tyler S. Damien Crosse employs Abraham as a lawn boy but doesn`t want him to stop to cool off, so he ratchets up the heat by coercing sex on the freshly-mown lawn.

Mediterranean Stag.

Abraham Al Malek.

and wait. A thumb and a highway are all it takes, and when you arrive you know youre gonna get some of these triple-X American man sex featuring blue collar studs doing it dirty throughout these intense, in-the-moment sexual encounters..

Stag You Stag Me.

When Maikel drops a letter, Goran follows him to return it.

Easy Summer.

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Gran Vista.

Public Stags.

Domination Wrestling 5.

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